Protect your home or business with video surveillance
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A video surveillance system, such as go1984, is intended to protect your home, business or their surroundings from the activities of intruders. Fortunately, multiple camera models are supported by go1984. The tool’s interface is nicely designed. In this respect, it is good that the cameras and the operations you can perform on them are conveniently arranged in a tree. However, this is not the kind of program everyone can start using without even reading the accompanying documentation. It would be better if some of the actions, like adding a new camera, could be done with the help of a wizard.

Recording long hours of video certainly needs lots of available storage space. Luckily, go1984 comes with some features intended to save disk space. For instance, you can schedule recording video from specific cameras at a given period only. Likewise, recording may start automatically when motion is detected. And in such events, the user can receive alerts through an email message or a telephone call.

It is good that go1984 allows remote access to the configured cameras through TCP/IP connections, which you can do by entering the specified address on your standard web browser. This works perfectly even if you intend to view the camera image from portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

In fewer words, go1984 is undoubtedly a very powerful video surveillance system. It probably has more features than most of the similar tools available. Three licenses are available for this product: Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate with different features and prices. Luckily, they all can be tried at no cost. However, you should know that the price of this software may be much higher than those of other products of the same type.

Pedro Castro
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  • Scheduled recording
  • Motion detection
  • Support of analogic and digital cameras
  • Remote access to the cameras


  • Difficult to use
  • High price
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